Good Ventures Grant:
The philanthropic foundation Good Ventures gave us a $10,000 grant to support the Spring 2015 version of our DeCal. We used part of the money to play giving games during the class: every week, each student would get $20 and choose one of two charities to donate it to. The leftover money now supports our club operations and the Spring 2016 version of the DeCal. Their grant writeup and our detailed commentary are available here.

We received a $100 unrestricted grant from Studypool, a leader in online homework help.


You can see the details of all funding sources and expenses for our DeCal during Spring 2015 here.

As we spend money over the semester, we will keep a similar log of expenses below. Please check back often and let us know if anything seems off or you want more details on a purchase or donation we made!

Giving Games

Around $50-100 goes to donations done through giving games we play on Sproul plaza. We give you a dollar, and introduce you to two charities -- you get to choose where the dollar goes.

It's a fun and easy way to get into the habit of being thoughtful about giving -- come check us out Tuesdays from 11 AM to 1 PM!

DeCal Expenses

Around $4000-5000 will go to the DeCal. A few hundred dollars will cover travel expenses for some of our speakers.

The rest will be donated as part of larger in-class giving games -- students will get $20-50 to donate each game. We will also offer matching for any donation students make out of their own money until we run out of money.


Around $50-100 goes to paying for posters, flyers, online ads, and other advertisement materials to get the word out.

Around $200-300 goes to events: talks, movie screenings, etc. Money goes to room, electronics, and food.

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